Beautiful Flåm with its 350 inhabitants is situated at the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of Norway's longest and deepest fjord, the Sognefjord. Surrounded by steep mountainsides and roaring waterfalls, Flåm offers wild and dramatic nature at its best. Located in the village of Flåm is the starting point of the unique Flåm Railway, widely recognized as one of the steepest and most beautiful railways in the world.

Our area also contains the spectacular Nærøyfjord, rewarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site and many other famous and unique attractions!

Welcome to the ultimate whole year cruise destination!

In our harbour area you can also find the beautiful Port of Gudvangen. Gudvangen has plenty of room to anchor, but the capacity of the tender quay is limited. The tender quay is owned by Gudvangen Hotelldrift AS Gudvangen Fjordtell. Contact Olav Hylland


Guide Service Yes
Turnaround facilities No
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area Yes
Shuttle bus N/A
Parking place for buses Yes
Public transportation Yes
Shopping 300 m
Currency exchange No
Internet access in pier area Yes
Distance to airport 167 km to Bergen International Airport, 80 km to Sogndal National Airport
Distance to city centre 200 m
Distance nearest hospital Voss Hospital 65 km


LNG By truck
EPI From 2020
Supplies available Arranged by agent
Waste Yes
Grey water By Truck
Cherry Picker Yes, for more information: pdf.
Tugboats No
Anchorage Yes
Ship tender facilities Yes
Tidal movement 1,5 m

Gangway available (8 /10 /12 m) No
Seawalk No
ISPS approved Yes
Restrictions in harbour Max of 5000 pax per day/varies through the season/ Depending on ship size
Max number of ships per day in port 3
No unnecessary use of ship’s horn and PA system
No loud work on Sundays and holidays
Maximum ship length No limitation
Maximum ship draft 12 m
Maximum beam No limitations

Maximum air draft No limitations
Bollard strength (certification)
Pier bollards (spring) 50t
Land bollards (brest-headline) 100t
1 ex. mooring buoy (north of pier) 200t

Crew facilities

  • Wifi access at the pier while docked.

  • Soccer and volleyball field

  • Beach and barbeque area

  • Hiking maps

  • Walking Trail by Fretheim Hotel.

  • Different benefits for crew.


Max size No limitation
Ship tenders allowed Yes
Type of bottom Sand
Depth 50 M
Distance from anchorage to Tender Pier App. 600 m
Tender Pier capacity Maximum two ships